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I have been teaching music lessons professionally for over a decade and have instructed hundreds of students of all ages, skill levels, and learning styles.  I teach guitar, keyboard, and bass.  I focus on: learning songs, technique and tone, songwiritng, music theory, ear training, and learning to love playing music!  My motto is: music first!  It's always most important to be a well rounded musician.  A technition on your given instrument is always second in my book.  My performance schedule keeps me as a continued student of music, you are never too old to learn!

I have played in the legendary Garfield High School Jazz ensemble and have a bachelors degree in Ethnomusicology from the University of Washington. In addition to my formal music education I have also played countless shows and festivals over the years, and been a part of many recording projects. Current and past bands and artists I have performed and recorded with include: Macklemore, The Blue Scholars, The Seattle Rock Orchestra, Gems, Big World Breaks, The Lonely Children, The Blue Tide, The Pazcific, and my own trio.  


Music lesson information

UPDATE 3/20: FOR THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE I HAVE GONE TO ONLINE LESSONS ONLY.  I hope to be back teaching in person at Thunderroad Guitars in West Seattle as soon as it is safe to do so however in the meantime I am teaching exclusively via Skype, Facetime, or your preferred online application.  Please do read all the information listed below as it is still pertinent for my music lessons other than they have gone online.  I will update this as things change, and feel free to check out the NEWS section of my website.  Thank you for your support and understanding during this time.


I offer individual instruction for children as young as 6 (piano) and 8 (guitar/bass) and adults of any age on: guitar, bass, and keyboard.  I teach all levels of skill from a very beginner to an advanced musician.  Currently I maintain a teaching studio at Thunder Road Guitars in West Seattle on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of every week.  I offer monthly music lesson packages (one lesson per week) as well as "one-off" music lessons.  Please feel free to EMAIL me for rates and available lesson times. 


Q: How long are your lessons?

A: I provide 30 minute lessons for beginning younger students (age 14 and lower) and 45 minute lessons for adult students and more intermediate/advanced younger students.

Q: Do you have any age restrictions?

A: I accept piano students ages 6 years and up and guitar students age 8 years and up.  I teach adults of all ages!

Q: What are your rates?

A: I charge in monthly lesson blocks, which includes 4 lessons per month.  45 min lessons are $200 per month, 30 min lessons are $140.  I can do single drop in lessons as well for a small upcharge as my schedule allows.  These lessons are booked no more than one week in advance.  Feel free to EMAIL me for a more detailed description of lesson pricing.

Q:  Do you provide in-home lessons/where are your lessons held?

A: I do not provide in-home lessons at this time. I service the surrounding West Seattle area at my teaching studio located at Thunder Road Guitars in the Moragn Junction on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays of every week.  Generally lesson times are held between 2pm-7:30pm but you will need to EMAIL me for current available lesson times as they change month to month.

Q: What is your teaching philosophy?  Can I call you to discuss?

A: I am happy to speak to anyone on the phone or in person regaring my lessons.  Past the information about myself that you have read above, the absolute best thing I can reccommend is to schedule a single drop in lesson to see if I am the right instructor for you or your child.  It's very hard to gauge a sense of what will work until we get in to the studio and learn together!  

Q: Do you teach anything other than guitar, bass, or piano?  How about uke?

A: I do not.  Uke is great fun and I own one and play around on it but I have devoted my life to guitar, piano, and bass only and those are the only instruments I feel qualified to teach.  

Q: How long have you been teaching music?  Are you a professional musician?

A: I have been teaching lessons for over 15 years now and have been a professional musician for longer than that.  I do try to maintain a robust local performance schedule and try to work on releasing new, original music at least once a year: I am always composing.

Q: Can I call you to schedule a lesson?

A: I do all my scheduling through email.  It's much easier for everyone involved to have everything in writing and there are far fewer mistakes!

Q: Do you teach group lessons?

A: No.  I only teach individual lessons.  I have taught group lessons at the college level in the past.  In my experience that style of lesson usually only works for at most 20 percent of the students.  Playing an instrument is a very individual task, and everyone learns at thier own rate and has thier own special abilities and difficulties.  One on one lessons are simply the best way to learn to play an instrument in my opinion.  If you would like to schedule lessons for multiple individuals I can do my best to accommodate back-to-back lessons in my schedule.    

For any further questions please feel free to EMAIL me!  Thank you!

Daniel is very popular with kids and always receives positive reviews from students and parents alike

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Dan is friendly and knowledgeable and obviously interested in teaching me to play piano well!

piano student

We have been very pleased with Dan's instruction. Both of my children have had a difficult time learning their chosen instruments due to some learning disabilities. Even though it has been challenging teaching them, Dan did not give up on them! That is the sign of a good instructor. We will definitely recommend Dan to all our friends.

student's parent